Full HD relaxation nature video in 1080p 60fps

Full HD relaxation nature video in 1080p 60fps

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In This video you can use for your learn .animals ,nature ,about places ,food,river ,fruits &birds ,wildlife ,etc with ULTRA -HD resolution HIGH quality video in exceptional 8K ultra HD quality for your 8K tv.You can also use to home ,shop ,living room,office ,lounges ,waiting room ,gym,airport ,hospitals ,showroom ,guesthouse ,relaxing room ,and More… This 8K demo video for entertainment & your educational purposes .

I have done high colour corrections ,colour changing ,HDR colour settings ,bitrate,raw videos editing ,merge files ,adjusting the black ,8K expert file

📃📃 Total number of video clips in this 4K video
1) sparrow bird hop dance 0:19
2) heron male bird 0:36
3)nature 0:39
4) horse 0:48
5) lynx 0:56
6) monkey 1:11
7) squril 1:57
8) ring tailed lemur 2:03
9) ring tailed lemur 2:16
10) nature 2:29
11) elephant 2:40
12) wolf 3:07
13) deer 3:17
14) gorilla 3:37
15) horse 3:47
16) monkey 3:51
17) sparrow bird hop dance 4:10
18) spider 4:18
19) hen 4:30

🎵🔊 Total song use this 4K demo video
“Shahed-Indian fusion” its free to use anywhere as long as you credit shahed
Music promoted by breaking copyright
Video link: https://youtu.be/5kbpaZeRNQs
🎵🔊 Song: markvard-forever( vlog no copyright music )
Song provided by vlog no copyright music
Video link : https://youtu.be/GUPb5DcMMVQ

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